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6/7 Mythic Down :)

Funk a posted Jan 11, 15
Mythic Ko'ragh down - 1 to go \o/

5/7 Mythic Down \o/

Funk a posted Jan 6, 15
Thanks to work, Christmas and a very intoxicating New Year (i ma too epnis foir a lesia]#) I may have slacked slightly on the Raiding news front. I AM SORRY! On the plus side we have downed 5 Mythic bosses \o/ Below are some screenshots and sexy gifs. Enjoy!

We are recruiting as always exceptional players with a focus on WW Monk and DPS Shaman \o/

Forgetting the hideous start to the expansion (9 hour queues and being able to do one quest an hour). It's been a bizarre release for the majority of us with 3 weeks before even setting foot in a raid leaving us lots of time to do totally random things like Challenge Modes, killing rares for mounts (piggy!) and ummm LFR Molten Core... Then finally this week raids appeared and we were prepared and killed lots of bosses getting shiny loots! Now time to go into mythic \o/

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